Sunday, November 15, 2009

Katherine Landing, Bullhead City, AZ



We are at the lovely Katherine Landing campground,  part of Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  The camping area is not on the lake, but you can see it off in the distance from our site. We have no Verizon cell phone service but we are getting intermittent slow internet service. Haven’t figured that one out yet.


It costs $10/night here, and there is water and a dump station. We filled our water tank before we picked a site, then read a sign on the bathroom door that said the water was tested in September and had high levels of some chemical caused by the chlorinization process. Apparently it is only toxic if ingested in large amounts over  many years.  We hope our NaturePure filter really works.

We were initially a bit disappointed in this area.  Appears that unless you’re a gambler or a boater, there isn’t much to do.  Unfortunately we don’t have  a boat, nor do we have much discretionary income to lose at the casinos.  We aren’t complaining, though, because it has been in the 70’s and  low 80’s,  just about perfect.

We did manage to find a couple trails, one to the remains of the Katherine Mine, a gold and silver mine that operated from 1900    to the early 1940s.  Also  found a nice road to ride bikes which went to Princess C0ve, a really pretty boat ramp and picnic area on Lake Mohave.


And we visited Davis Dam, which we had a better appreciation of after learning about dams and power plants at Bonneville.


Also enjoying all the birds here. Debbie put out a hummingbird feeder, and it’s attracted lots of them.   And the roadrunners here must be used to being fed, because they just came right up to us at the picnic table.  Last year,  Jim spent months trying to get a picture of one, and I was able to get up from the table, go get the camera, and take numerous shots before they realized we weren’t giving them anything to eat and finally walked away. They are awfully cute.



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