Monday, November 23, 2009

Closer to Lake Havasu

Haven’t been doing much the past couple days. When we got here I scoped out waterfront sites and found 2 that were leaving yesterday. Spoke to the camp hosts and asked if we could move. Unfortunately one site was taken by Girl Scouts who took down their tents and went canoeing all day.  They left a truck and trailer on the site and didn’t return until after 4. So we just hung out waiting on them. They got a lecture from the camp host, but I doubt that they cared.  It was worth it for us, though, since we have 2 huge private sites right on the lake.PB230053 PB230054 PB230060

Think we’ve decided to skip the Southwest  Lazy Days get together next week at Valley of Fire northeast of Vegas. The weather is looking a bit too cool for our liking, and we are really enjoying this park and Lake Havasu City. Last winter we spent too much time being colder that we liked, so this year we are just going to keep heading south if we have to.

Had pizza and beer at Barley Brothers Brewpub last night. It is a very nice restaurant with a great view of London Bridge. Will probably spend another week here, then will have to move on since the limit is 14 days.  The stay5 nights get 2 free special at Arizona state parks goes on through December, so that’s a pretty good deal. We are still planning to do the Death Valley thing for Christmas and New Years, unless we change our minds.

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