Friday, March 5, 2010

He Might Just Make It

Jim is feeling better today, although he wasn’t too happy when we drove 30 miles to the dentist to get the abutment and impression made for the implant tooth, and the part hadn’t arrived. Our cell phone rang while we were in the dentist’s waiting room to tell him UPS didn’t deliver because they thought the office was closed on Fridays. They are closed every other Friday, so I guess they just didn’t even make an attempted delivery. Of course the dentist is off all next week so it will be Monday the 15th before he can go back. Then another week or more to get the crown after that. We will be getting well acquainted with the Phoenix area by the time this is over. We are going to move to another park next week that is only about 18 miles from the dentist in Scottsdale, so that will help. At least his root canal tooth is slowly feeling better.

Walking through the group area yesterday, we came upon the Arizona Chapter of the Tear Jerkers, an RV club for owners of tear drop and other small classic trailers. There were some really interesting looking ones.P3050001 P3040004 P3040005 P3040003

We hiked the Vista trail today, and saw lots of beautiful vistas and the Met Life blimp, which went right over our heads.

P3050002 P3040006

We are facing the west so we’ve had these pretty sunsets every night. Tonight should be even better since a few clouds rolled in.P3040012

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