Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Dental Problems


We moved from the group area into the regular campground at Usery Park on Sunday. The sites are huge with lovely views.

Jim’s tooth started bothering him over the weekend, so he called the endodontist back yesterday morning and they got him in late yesterday afternoon for an emergency root canal. When he had the previous root canal on that tooth the dentist missed a 4th canal, which was infected and causing him the pain. So if this is successful, at least he will save the tooth. It will just be a matter of time to see if it works. He tooth is still sore, and I suspect it will be a few days before he can chew on that side again.

Today he is going to the regular dentist for an evaluation of the implant to see if it is ready for the crown. With no dental insurance, this is getting pretty expensive. Jim keeps threatening to send me back to work to help pay for his treatment, but I think it should be the other way around!  I wonder how much you get for selling plasma these days….


  1. I have "GREAT" sympathy for you Jim nothing is worse than a tooth ache even child birth isn't as bad (at least in child birth you get a prize) hahaha!! I had many years and mine couldn't be saved ....store bought aren't all that great! Good luck! D's Mom

  2. Dr. Drackman says you can sell your body fluids for 20 dollars a pint.