Friday, June 25, 2010

Sheep Creek Canyon Scenic Backway


Yesterday we took a scenic drive about 15 miles west of here to Sheep Creek Canyon, near Manila, UT. It is a 10 mile loop through some interesting geological formations and lovely scenery. After a big climb up lots of switchbacks and a view of the Flaming Gorge reservoir, we came down into the canyon and got to see our favorite, rocks. The first part of the road was like a mini Zion canyon, with huge red rock cliffs. The sun wasn’t right so no pictures of the really pretty part.

P1010407 P1010406

There was a pull out with a sign that said wildlife viewing area, but we saw nothing there. Just a short distance past it a Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep walked across the road in front of us to get a drink in the creek. We got out to try and get a picture, and heard a strange noise. I looked up the cliff and there were three more. Not sure if they were females or juveniles as their horns were small, but they were having a bad hair day. Guess that winter coat is still coming off.

P1010411 P1010410  

We then came to Palisades Memorial picnic area. In June of 1965 a family of seven in a travel trailer were killed in a middle of the night flash flood/debris flow at the former campground here. Sounded much like the recent episode in Arkansas, but they were the only ones camped there that night. The campground was closed after the incident.

We then climbed out of the canyon to views of the Uinta fault, which looked much more impressive in person. It was truly a scenic drive.


Today we went back to the Little Hole trail, but this time started at Little Hole, the other end of the trail. We hiked a couple miles along the river and saw a few rafters and lots of fly fishermen.

 P1010420 P1010424P1010422

We’re glad we came to Flaming Gorge, but tomorrow we’re off to Wyoming.

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