Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rockhound Revisited



We left Las Cruces Sunday for a windy 70 mile drive to Rockhound State Park near Deming, NM. This is probably our 5th time here, and we like it as much or more every time we come. I don’t think we’ve ever been here when we haven’t run into other Lazy Daze friends or other bloggers.

This time it’s Barbara from Me and My Dog, whom we met last summer in Colorado. And Jim from Jimbo’s Journeys, whom we’ve known for several years and have met up with in various places. We were anxious to meet Jim’s new traveling companion, Chica, and what a sweetie she is! I didn’t get a good picture, since she was a constant blur of motion, but you have to love a little chihuahua that doesn’t shake and shiver or yip all the time.


As always, we’ve done some hiking here, on the trails in Rockhound and Spring Canyon, the beautiful but rugged day use area a couple miles away. We even saw at least a dozen Persian ibex in Spring Canyon yesterday, but they were on the move and we couldn’t get a photo. I got a really good view of a male with huge horns, that looked just like this one.


They are a wild goat brought over from Iran in 1970. It’s an interesting story and you can read more about them here if you’re interested.

From the trail overlooking the campground at Rockhound State Park.



Spring Canyon. On other visits we’ve hiked to the saddle, in fact we dragged Jimbo along to the top a couple years ago. Yesterday we did a little easier hike.





We found out they were filming a movie, Enemy Way, with Forest Whitaker, Harvey Keitel, and Ellen Burstyn in Spring Canyon on Monday. Don’t know if any of the actors were actually there or it was just scenery they were filming, but we saw a picture of Forest Whitaker coming out of a Deming restaurant last week.

On the trail the other day we met a nice couple from Deming who gave us some ideas for other hikes in the area. With the Subaru we can actually get to the trailheads now, so we will check them out over the next few days.

As I write this we are in the midst of 40mph winds, gusting to 50, with visibility near zero due to blowing dust. And a hummingbird just landed on the feeder.


Looking back at old photos I was reminded of the different weather we’ve encountered on our visits to Rockhound, ranging from hot to cold, with even a snowstorm thrown in. And we forgot how green it can be here in non-drought years. One thing is certain, though, the wind always blows in southern New Mexico. It’s just a matter of degree. Funny thing, though, we have kind of grown to like it.

February 2009. We foolishly thought it would be warm in southern New Mexico in the winter.



April 2012. Much greener from a similar view in Spring Canyon.


The century plant we saw blooming here last April has since died.


Glad we got to see it like this.


If the wind eases up a bit, Jim and I, Debbie, Barbara and Jimbo plan to check out the Mimbres Valley Brewing Co. in Deming for happy hour and a bite to eat a little later. They emailed wondering if we should postpone until tomorrow, but Jim assured them he drives better in 50mph winds after a few beers!


  1. Glad that some of my friends got together.... next time with me too!! Have fun!!

  2. Boy is Chica a tiny one.

    Your photo of the Ibex is awesome.

    Your surrounding area is so lovely.

    I wish I could see Jim driving in the 50 mph wind after a few beers.

  3. I had some good hikes over around the Cookes Mountains north of town.

  4. Ha Ha! Not sure I'd want to ride with Jim! ;)

  5. Interesting story about the Persian Ibex. Not sure I understand the logic of introducing a non-native species just so people can hunt them down for trophies. (I'm not anti-huntung but not fond of trophy hunts) It will be interesting to see what the wildlife folks decide about this animal. In the meantime, it would sure be exciting to see one in person. I'd shoot it - with my camera!!

  6. We heard I-10 was closed from Willcox to Las Cruces today. Hope you were OK in all that wind.

  7. Good thing you are hanging south...we have a foot of snow on our Subaru!!!
    Cheers from Lovely Ouray,
    Box Canyon Mark

  8. Great Ibex shot there! Jim's driving DOES improve after a beer or pizza ;)

  9. Hummm, driving better after beer....gads, how does he drive pre-beer and pizza?

  10. I missed this post - great photos! I love the snow in the campground pics. Wouldn't want to be here then, though. :)

    Those Ibex are beautiful animals - it must have been something to see them in person.