Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hidden Canyon Trail, Zion NP


Took the shuttle to the Weeping Rock area and hiked another “difficult” trail, the Hidden Canyon Trail. It is only a mile one way, and at the end of the maintained trail, you can continue on into this canyon. The views were great on the way up and down. Across the way, you can see Angels Landing , where we hiked a couple days ago.


This trail description also said there were chains, and warned about not doing it if you had a fear of heights. I figured if I did Angels Landing, how hard could this one be? (For Debbie’s mom, you can relax. She did some sightseeing on her own to give her legs a rest.)

P5080103 Turned out it was much easier, except for the steep switchbacks on the way up. It would have been doable even without the chains, but it was like having a handrail to hold onto.

The hardest part was scrambling over rocks to get into the canyon, but it was so pretty and green it was worth the effort.

 P5080104  P5080106

We almost missed this arch, which was maybe a quarter mile into the canyon. It’s hard to see because of the big dark rock behind it.


This was a rock slide off the canyon wall which we assume happened during a heavy rain. 


If any of you reading our blog have never been to Zion, we would highly recommend it. Even the short, easy paved trails have more scenic beauty than anywhere we’ve seen.

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