Saturday, May 30, 2009

Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah

We met Don and Dorothy at the Natural Bridges BLM overflow campground on Wednesday and have been here since. It is just a gravel lot off a short dirt road but it’s free, the views are lovely, and we’ve just about had the place to ourselves.P5280135

Except for this crew that came to say good morning yesterday. This is open range country, and we’ve had several run across the road in front of us. Jim took this picture out our front windshield.P5290086

We hiked the trails to all 3 bridges in the park, and though they are fairly short trails, they are pretty steep and strenuous. In fact, the trail to Sipapu Bridge had many stairways and 3 ladders made of tree limbs to climb down. I almost turned around at the first ladder, but Jim managed to talk me down it, and the other 2 were fairly easy. Going back up them was not a problem at all.

P5270109 P5270110

Here are some photos of the bridges and some views from the trails. This is another beautiful Utah park, minus the big crowds we saw at Zion, Bryce and Arches.

P5270112 P5270098 P5270101 P5270104

 P5290102 P5290108P5290106

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