Saturday, May 30, 2009

Road Canyon Hike, Utah

P5280115 Don bought a great book on photographing Utah last week, and found this supposedly easy hike to some ancient Puebloan ruins called House with Fallen Roof. I was a bit skeptical when he read that once down in the canyon, hike “a while” until the junction of the next canyon, then turn right. It turned out to be a much more difficult hike down, possibly due to erosion from recent rains, and it was quite a long while until the turn. We finally made it to the point where you could see the ruins, and then had to climb up the slickrock to get to them.


It was fascinating to imagine how anyone could actually live there, and how uncomfortable their lives must have been. We went on another quarter mile or so and there was another set of adobe ruins, fairly well preserved also.  P5280123 P5280131

P5280128Don and Dorothy usually do less technical hikes, but they made it back without too much trouble, so maybe they will feel more confident doing some more difficult hikes in the future. They do keep referring to it as “The Hike from Hell”, though, so I could be wrong.


We had a great time since this was our first chance to see ruins up close.  After dinner, we went over to their place and shared photos of the hike and other places we’d been. A good day, as usual.

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