Sunday, May 31, 2009

Muley Point, Utah

Saturday, we went on a Jeep ride  with Don and Dorothy up the Elk Mountain dirt road to Bear’s Ears,  2 little mountains we could see from our campsite. The views were great, and we saw 2 elk and a couple deer on the drive.P5290099 P5290096 P5290097 P5290098

Don was getting antsy and was ready to move on yesterday, so we took the Lazy Daze and drove 30 miles south off 161 to Muley Point, an overlook with views of the San Juan River  and Monument Valley.  There was a 4 mile dirt road we had to drive to get there, and it wasn’t too bad as long as we went really slow. You can camp anywhere there for free, so we found a couple of spots near the rim, and here we are. Definitely our best campsite yet!P5300008


Here are some photos of our views.P5300011 P5300005 P5300006

And these shots were taken on a hike along the canyon rim. What a great place, and we are the only ones here.

P5300043 P5300017 P5300019 P5300041

We did have an exciting dust storm last night, which we could see coming from miles away. The wind got pretty intense and we were rocking and rolling for awhile, but we didn’t roll off into the canyon, so we are happy!P5300046 P5300044

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  1. I'm so happy, and grateful, that even though I'm not there to share these wonderful places, I can live vicariously through you and your fab photos. Give Oreo and Quincy a hug from me! D.