Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hiking at Capitol Reef

As usual, we have spent much of our time here hiking the wonderful trails. Utah has some great scenery and so many hiking trails you could spend years here and not do them all. Yesterday we did the Cohab Canyon Trail, which was fun because it was a steep climb with great views in the beginning and then it entered a canyon, which was flat and very narrow in spots.





There were all shapes of weird holes in the rocks, and different colors.P5180058


Jim spotted this shot from the trail. The skies are such a beautiful blue here.


We also went to the nearby town of Torrey , where the small laundromat  was next to the General Store, and they offered free Wi=Fi, so we accomplished several things with one trip.

Today we hiked 2 trails, first the Grand Wash Trail, which is flat and goes between steep canyon walls.


Saw many more strange rock formations.

P5190092 P5190095  Then we hiked the shorter Hickman Bridge Trail, which was a fairly steep climb to a very large natural bridge. It was worth the walk.P5190108 P5190100 P5190102 P5190104

When we got back, the sky turned dark, and we actually heard thunder for the first time since we got out west. It hasn’t rained at the campground and looks like it’s clearing, but a cold front is supposed to come in tonight, which will be nice since it’s been in the upper 80’s the past few days. With the low humidity, it really is very comfortable in the shade., though.

Heading to the Moab/Arches National Park area tomorrow, hoping to beat the Memorial Day weekend crowds. Not sure where we will stay yet  but hope to find a BLM/national forest area that we can get into.

A couple more shots of these giant trees just down the road from the campground. We forgot to ask what they are.



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  1. Showing the children pictures of your trip and John said "But where's Gayle" and, alas a nice photo of both of you at the bottom. Good to see you both having fun and doing well.