Sunday, November 24, 2013

Four Seasons Wrapped Up In One Month



If you’d like to get a taste of all that Mother Nature has to offer, southern Utah is definitely the place to be during the month of November. We’ve experienced temperatures ranging from the low 80s to the upper 20s, skies ranging from cobalt blue to SAD-inducing gray, and precipitation ranging from drizzle to sleet and even snow. Yes, lots of snow!

Zion River Resort November 20134

And we didn’t even have to drive too far to experience it, just a handful of miles up Kolob Terrace Road into Zion National Park. It was a winter wonderland, nice to experience from the cozy warm confines of Mark and Bobbie’s Subaru.




Too much car sitting left Bobbie and me restless for a hike, but when we stopped at a trailhead the blowing snow and 28 degree temperature didn’t make it all that inviting. And of course Mark was wearing shorts! So we descended the road until the snow turned to drizzle and hiked down the muddy trail that leads to the Subway, a popular Zion hike that requires a permit. We turned around just before the trail started its steep descent into the canyon.

You’d think a guy who lives in Ouray, CO, where it rarely gets above 70, would have sense enough to put pants on!





Honestly, hiking in the rain isn’t so bad. The previous day we drove into Zion Canyon and hiked up the trail to Observation Point about a mile and a half into Echo Canyon. Water on the rocks makes the colors more vivid, and we couldn’t help stopping frequently to take pictures even though we were cold and wet. And there were a surprising number of others out there with us.









Zion River Resort November 20135]P1060902

Sadly Mark and Bobbie are leaving us today. John and Susan headed out a couple days ago with the help of a tow truck, and wise Boonie departed before the rain turned their lovely boondock into a mud hole. We will miss our hiking and biking buddies. It’s been a great month so far and we’re already thinking about coming back here next year. We think it might be wise to arrive in mid October, though, and boondock in one of the many nearby spots we’ve found on the surrounding BLM land. All are welcome to consider joining us. This area has much to offer and there are so many places to explore in and out of Zion National Park.

Our weather forecast is looking great for this coming week, so we hope to get in a few more hikes and bike rides before we leave. That is in between boxing up bikes and partaking in the RV park’s Thanksgiving potluck, of course.


  1. We are having pretty crappy weather here in Houston. Only 47 and it is almost noon.

    Even though it is cold and yucky there....the photos are gorgeous!

  2. Your pics of Echo Canyon are Great! Tough light day for my camera. We'll be leaving about noonish…might ask you to check on the rig, especially on propane day in case the main valve doesn't get opened again after filling. That's happened before :). Enjoy your incoming good weather, and we will see you down the road. :)
    the BCB guys.

  3. Aransas Pass is no better than Houston. Ratzzz.

  4. These are just gorgeous pictures. You are encouraging me to think I can stay in Utah until December. I'm not sure about those beautiful rocks in the rain though. They look fabulous but what about slipping on them. I'm a professional slipper.

    1. Not slippery at all. The rock texture is rough enough that rubber soled hiking shoes gripped fine.

  5. I bet snow on the hoodoos in Bryce would be beautiful too.

    1. Yes, we would love to see Bryce with snow. If we weren't 90 miles from here we would take a day trip to see it.

  6. The wet rocks showed off the colors amazingly well!

  7. I can't decide if I'm jealous or not. Gorgeous views, but looks cold.

  8. Those colors are wonderful in the rain! We have seen Bryce in the snow. It is wonderful.

  9. It is amazing how a month isn't long enough to see all there is in that area! We definitely need to get out in the rain when in the rock country. The colors are just beautiful!!

  10. Wow! Those are some fantastic rocks. Cold and wet hiking? No thanks, I can barely do it in good conditions. Sure enjoy following along with you though. Take care.

  11. From Donna in Sacramento:

    Your photos are beautiful. I've found so many places I want to see now by following your blog. The first thing I look for now when I turn on the computer is to see if there's a new blog from Gayle and Jim. Thanks for letting me travel with you.

  12. Really beautiful photos, and I am inspired by what you are experiencing. Thanks to you both!

  13. Beautiful pics of the rocks in the rain. You guys are so intrepid!


  14. Your pics of the rocks are really beautiful. The water sure shows off the colors. I just might want to join you next year in October.

  15. The water sure brings out the beauty of the rocks. I just might want to join you next October as I have never been in that area.