Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pa’rus Trail, Zion NP



The Pa’rus is probably our favorite trail in Zion for a pleasant, easy walk along the Virgin River. 3.6 miles round trip, paved and the only trail in the park that allows dogs and bicycles. Sunday afternoon was very quiet except for a few photographers along the river waiting for the sun to go down.


Pa’rus is a Pauite word literally translated to mean bubbling, tumbling waters. There are several spots along the trail that have easy river access.




We never tire of looking at this scenery.







Yesterday was cold and cloudy, but Mark and Bobbie took us on a power walk to show us the BLM land just east of the RV park. There are miles of roads for hiking and mountain biking, and the dogs can run free there. On a sunny day we will go back and take some photos. The views are breathtaking. Too bad the road is in poor shape, as it would be a great place to camp.


  1. I find it a bit difficult to believe that this is your favorite trail. It doesn't have nose-bleed heights, huge boulders to climb, snow or ice, sharp cliffs or huge drop offs....lol

    Gorgeous photos.

  2. Sweet. I look at them, and think, "I was standing over there…" As you will be there for a while, catch the pre-sunrise light from behind the Visitor Center on the big wall. You will need a tripod and a cord. Underexpose about half a stop, catching the light and color from the brightening east sky behind you on that west wall, well before the sun hits it. I was lucky enough to be there at full moon, and caught the moon in a midnight blue sky settling behind the pink and orange wall. It was worth missing the sleep time.

  3. Looks like you've got an amazing month ahead of you!

  4. What a beautiful day! You are right, one never tires of the gorgeous scenery. Good relaxing walk before you head out for your next Mark and Bobbi workout!

  5. I am jealous. Zion looks absolutely fantastic!