Friday, November 1, 2013

Valley Of Fire State Park, NV (Part Two)


We stopped for lunch at the picnic area near the White Domes trailhead. At least a dozen of these little antelope ground squirrels descended upon us looking for a handout. Jim might have accidentally dropped some of his sandwich.


We then took the 1.2 mile White Domes loop, a very nice hike through some colorful rock formations and another slot canyon.








Here I saw a dinosaur getting ready to attack a seated monkey with a lampshade on it’s head. Jim and Debbie were doubting my sanity at that point.


Next we stopped at Arch Rock, but we saw many other unnamed arches in the park.



That was followed by a climb up to look at the petroglyphs on Atlatl Rock.


Lake Mead NRA, Valley of Fire, NV1

Our last stop of the day was the short trail to Elephant Rock. This one was a real stretch of the imagination, in my opinion.


A runaway bride, and the best dressed hiker we’ve ever seen.


Just as we were getting back into the car, I looked up and saw this iconic silhouette. For a split second I thought I was hallucinating.


We always joke about big horn sheep, since Debbie has never seen one on a hike. Jim and I had a close encounter with one in Canyonlands a few years ago, but haven’t seen any since, so this was quite a treat. And just when we thought those little squirrels were the extent of our wildlife sighting in Valley of Fire. What a nice ending to a great day in the park. The entire family was there!




Hope you’re not tired of red rocks, since we’re on our way to visit with the Box Canyon bunch, and spend the entire month of November near Zion National Park.


  1. Did you walk beyond the stairs to see more petroglyphs? Those were the best. Never tire of red rocks!

  2. Great photos and really enjoyed seeing the big horn sheep. What a treat. I thought your dinosaur was easier to see than the elephant lol!!

  3. Keep the rocks coming! I don't believe I will ever tire of them. Jessica and I had a great time on this loop. This was her first real rock climbing experience so she was all over the place, climbing anywhere she could. I have several of the same photos! So many spots that need to be captured.

    Love the sheep! That big guy is beautiful!!

  4. love that park, we too got spooked by some big horn sheep while visiting last year

  5. Is there such a thing as being tired of red rocks?

  6. Never tire of red rocks. What a fabulous hike!! I definitely saw the dinosaur but not the elephant. Runaway Bride - too funny!! I'm just going to write down your route and stop at every one of these terrific hikes. Thanks so much and keep on making my list longer please. You are sure there in the right weather.

  7. Could never get tired of the red rocks (and big horn sheep!). I am envious of your current location. Here on the California coast it is so hectic and crowded.

  8. Beautiful photos - I loved that place, too. I didn't see any big horn sheep, though, I would have really liked that. Great photo of the woman in the white dress. I wonder what that was all about. :)

  9. I too saw lots of big horned sheep when I was there a few years ago. It is amazing how they can wander among all the rocks.

  10. Simply stunning! We're on our way to Lake Mead in a week and will definitely be putting a visit to Valley of Fire on our list of places to explore. The rocks are amazing- and those sheep!