Friday, August 15, 2014

Ferry Ride to Whidbey Island


Waiting in line to board.


We didn’t hook up the car, thus saving about $15. Total fare for both the Subaru and Lazy Daze was $68. A 30 minute ride.

Looks like our ferry coming to the terminal.


Unloading as we wait to board.


This is the third time we’ve taken the RV on a ferry so it was no big deal. The tight fit does make for a bit of anxiety, though the employees are expert in making every inch count.


We had mail to pick up at the Port Townsend Post Office before we left. It’s definitely the nicest post office we’ve ever seen, and is also the Court and Customs House.

From the web: “In addition to being the first federally constructed post office built in the state of Washington, the building is also the only example in the state of the federal government’s use of the Richardsonian Romanesque style of architecture.”


Port Townsend, WA, Jefferson Co Fairgrounds RV Park

We couldn’t see much for the fog on our ferry ride, but it was fun wandering around while en route.


We disembarked the ferry at Coupeville on the very scenic and rural Whidbey Island. We needed a few things from Walmart in Oak Harbor, so we stopped to shop and decided to spend the night. We are a bit gun shy about Walmart parking after getting our bikes stolen at the last one we stayed at in California, but they were locked well, covered, and we backed the Subaru up as close to the Lazy Daze as we could to make it really difficult for anyone to access them.

After doing a little shopping we drove back south about 9 miles to take a hike at Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve (named after the first permanent white settler on the island), at the gateway to Puget Sound. What a beautiful area, and we had a nice 4 mile hike along the bluff trail.

Restored Jacob Ebey blockhouse and house.





Perigo Lake and wetlands.




It was a beautiful evening for a hike, and we were surprised when we got “home” to Walmart and it was raining.


We managed to get a good nights sleep with the help of a little pill, and woke up with everything in order. Today we move 19 miles north to Anacortes and another island.


  1. Say Hi to Suzanne…she's been scoping things out in Anna, C.. Hope the sun comes back out, too. It sure makes for a mood swing. :))

    1. Will do. We are parked with her at the marina and already scheduled happy hour at the brewery;)

  2. Our friends love Whidbey Island. We actually have a friend that lives there. He has a huge barn and makes tons and tons of wine.

  3. So glad you got to Ebey's Landing and had a good hike! Great shot of you and the semi on the ferry.

  4. Not only was that the most beautiful post office, but I think the people who worked there were the nicest postal workers I have ever encountered! Did you notice they have a view of the Sound right from their counter? They also sold Jimi Hendrix commemorative postage stamps. I haven't used a stamp since tax day, but still I had to have them! ;-)

  5. Love the pic of the ferry coming out of the fog! So hearing there's a Walmart on the island just about ruined the whole idea of the place - but your pictures made it easy to pretend it isn't there :-). The grass right up to the cliffs next to the foggy water is a beautiful contrast - I think I'm ready to get out of the heat and find some fog myself :-))))

    1. Yes, we were also surprised about the Walmart, although Oak Harbor is the "big" city on the island and that's where all the real shopping is. Most of it is rural farmland and quite picturesque.

    2. You definitely wouldn't enjoy the noise of Navy Jets then. Oak Harbor is the home of a Naval Air Station. When I lived their or out by Ft Ebey, Walmart had not been built nor was it even a future option. Oak Harbor is the big city of the island though. Still a great place to live.

  6. What a beautiful post office and your pictures of your hike on the water are making me wish I were there. Mountains are OK but nothing beats the sea in my book.