Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Winthrop, WA, Pine Near RV Park



Three nights without a ray of sun on our solar panels was our limit, so on Sunday we left North Cascades National Park and headed east 70 miles to Winthrop. A friend told us about a Passport America park, Pine Near, just a couple blocks from downtown, so we decided to check it out. Besides, we liked the name.


Full hookups, nice laundry, green grass, and deer everywhere. With tax we paid $18.67/night.

Winthrop Is a small western-themed town, which we figured would be another tacky tourist destination like Tombstone, AZ, but it surprised us by being tastefully done, and even having a brewery. And from the RV park it’s just a short walk to town, which is always a plus.


Across from the RV park is the interesting Shafer Museum, full of buildings and relics of the old mining town.



And then there’s the downtown itself, with its quaint wooden sidewalks.





This is a popular area for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and river rafting. In the winter there are over 120 miles of trails for cross country skiing. It surprised us to find three nice outdoor gear and clothing shops in town. We could see coming back here to spend more time.

And then there’s the Old Schoolhouse Brewery, where we ate (and drank) both nights. Suzanne and Debbie decided to stop here yesterday, so they joined us last night on the riverside deck. Good food and really good beer.




We made another friend on the street, an 11 week old yellow lab. What a sweetie.


Today we move on to Tonasket to hang out with friends and get through the Labor Day weekend. Then we have an appointment in Spokane Valley next Wednesday to get our braking system checked out, unless Jim can figure out the problem before then.


  1. Fun! Enjoy the visit with friends!

  2. Nice little town. We stopped for ice cream on a motorcycle trip through the Cascades.

    I'm a little behind in reading blogs because of no WiFi in St. Mary's outside Glacier. We only had the phone which was fine but with our long hiking days and having to share, little got read.

  3. Looks like a fun little town. That puppy is way too cute :-)

  4. What a neat looking town and area, so glad you let us know about it!

  5. What a fun little town - love all the pics. I would certainly join the ice cream guy for a little break. Schoolhouse and brewery seems like a bad combination, but maybe they start 'em younger up there :-). Hope the brakes aren't a big fix, and I'm anxious to see where you stay in the Spokane area as we will be there next summer.

  6. So glad you stopped a few nights at Pine Near. Convenient location to town. The outdoor activities around Winthrop and Twisp sure do match your interests so yes, plan a return trip! We'll meet you there next time!

  7. Nice recap of a fun little town, though I think you got out just in time. I am starting to hear the lead-in notes to "Hotel California."