Saturday, August 30, 2014

Just Hanging Out


We can definitely understand why Brian and Leigh bought these 20 acres near Tonasket, WA. It is so quiet, peaceful, remote, and relaxing to be here. They apologized for it being boring here, but that is just what we needed.

We’ve hiked at least 2 to 5 miles every day, and although Jim’s leg is not completely pain free, the hiking isn’t making it worse, and each day it’s feeling a bit better. We love being in a place where you can just take off and walk for miles.


Some of the neighbors are a bit protective of their property, and we’ve only been chased by three mad dogs.


We ordered a few things to be delivered since Fed Ex and UPS come right to the property. Yesterday our new Kurt bike rack arrived, a clamp-on hitch rack that we put on the Lazy Daze tow bar so we have a place to store the bikes rather than leave them on the car rack or lock them to a picnic table or whatever else we can find. We won’t travel with them on there but at least they will be up off the ground, won’t get splashed with mud if it rains, and can be covered and securely locked to the RV. Leaving the bikes on the car all the time just gets them filthy, since we frequently drive on dirt roads, and we don’t like them being on there when we leave the car at trailheads for hours.


The cleaning and adjustments Jim did to the brake controller connections seems to have resolved the problem we had a couple weeks ago. We drove here from Newhalem towing the car and had no issues with the car tires overheating, but we are still taking the car in next Wednesday to finally get the indicator light repaired. It’s what lets us know the brake is actually working, as it lights up when the brake engages. It’s been non-functional for a couple years so we have no way of knowing if the car brake is actually engaging. Last year our friend Lydia diagnosed the problem as being with the connections in the car, but Jim wasn’t able to figure out how to repair it himself, so we hope to finally get it fixed.

Other than that we picked up some good veggies at the farmer’s market in Tonasket, and we’ve had a great time sharing vegan meals and adult beverages with Brian, Leigh, and Kerri each evening. Brian and Leigh are heading out today but we are staying around until Monday. Since their cellular antenna and amplifier is going with them we will be out of touch for a couple days until we work our way back to civilization near Spokane.

It will be hard to leave.



By the way, check out the great shot Leigh got of the Northern Lights the other night. We were out stargazing a little earlier but missed it.


  1. We have a large barbeque grill cover that we put over the mountain bikes when we're not moving. They sell them at Lowes. They are pretty much water proof and keep the sun off the saddles.

  2. Hello, I'm Gloria. I met you both and Debbie at Bob Wells' summer RTR last June. I'm the teacher in a big green van dubbed the Green Queen with my dog, the silver gray fox terrier named Rochelle, if you remember me. Here's my blog, which I'm hoping to update this afternoon

    I went on a few walks with you last summer at the RTR and we chatted it up a bit. I stumbled over you and Kimbopolo's blog (found yours through hers) and thoroughly look forward to reading both your blogs now. I'm hooked. LOL. I realize you've been through some of the places I've been to. I saw your rigs back in June, I think it was, at Chinook Winds casino, but, it was so early in the morning and I didn't want to wake anyone by knocking. I also feel shy about knocking on other people's rigs anyway. Than I had to work the rest of the week and was disappointed to have missed you all. Anyway, I hope our paths cross again, perhaps in the desert this winter if you're going to any of Bob's events.

    If you think about it, please pass along my public email to Debbie. It's I'd love to be in touch with her again too. We connected a couple of times at RTR and I've wondered how she's been doing. I remember her dogs Rupert and Elliot too.

    On a different note, I'm not sure if you're aware, but, it looks like our public lands are in peril of not being free. Perhaps you've stumbled over this today as I did at I'm trying to pass it along within my social networks and figured you'd all want to know about this bill too. Happy trails and I look forward to reading more!

  3. Lovely spot. Don't let the crazies from the local militia shoot at you! Jeez, can't believe how paranoid and xenophobic some folks are.


  4. Beautiful!

    I second Allison, we too cover our bikes with an inexpensive BBQ cover when we are stationary.

  5. Super sweet! We use a big Walmart tarp for our bikes.
    Nina and Paul (wheelingit)

  6. Nothing better than being in the wilderness with UPS delivery! Wonder if the driver is issued a Kevlar vest for the "neighborhood". Glad you're enjoying the tranquility and were able to stay there to avoid the Labor Day madness.

    1. The driver told me that there were a lot of Vietnam vets living in the area and some with some serious mental issues. He pointed out a bullet hole that he says he got 6 years ago in the side of the van. It looked like it might have been a 22 and did not penetrate all the way through the wall to the interior.

      Says he never heard anything but also that the van is really noisy.


  7. Leigh and Brian's property looks like a little piece of heaven. I can understand your reluctance to leave. It might be nice to be totally unconnected for a few days. Hiking right out your door is perfect. Hope Jim leg gets all mended real soon:)

  8. You are visiting a wonderful part of our Country. Enjoy and travel safe.

  9. Went through Tonasket on my way across Hwy-20. Camped in the forest east of there. Love the sky pix!

  10. We had so much fun with you guys, glad you liked it and hope to see you here at Beauty Creek tomorrow night!