Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Week at the Butte

Enjoying our time here so  much we are staying at least another 5 or 6 days.  The weather has been beautiful and the company of all our Lazy Daze friends has been great.  Unfortunately Chuck and Carla had to leave today to start heading back to Iowa. We had an excellent pizza last night at Bella Luca, in Truth or Consequences. It was as good as we remembered when we ate there in January.

Took a ride to the other end of the park yesterday to visit the dam and check out the other campgrounds. This photo was taken by Jim at the dam overlook. The park got it’s name from the giant rock that looks like an elephant head in the background.P3180316 This is Joe, me Debbie,Chuck and Carla.  Joe is from Maryland, taking his first long trip in his “new” used Lazy Daze. Now he just has to convince his wife to quit her job so she can join him.

He hosted a Lazy Daze happy hour this afternoon at his site. Just before sunset we were treated to a V- 22 Osprey  helicopter-plane that flew over the campground and lake and did several practice maneuvers right near the water.  Really cool!  Jimmy, you would have loved it.


  1. I agree that we've had great weather, great scenery, and great camaraderie among the Lazy Daze group!

    Joe from Maryland

  2. Gayle, Jim

    P and I have been watching these V-22's hovering out in East Bay for some time now...They have a squadron based at Eglin..Think they are using them for sea and ground rescue and fazing out the H-53 Helos. It's amazing to watch them dump folks in the water and later come back to hover and do mock rescues..
    We are finally getting our sunsets back now that spring is here and the days become longer. Happy hour on the dock in the afternoon has arrived!!! Glad to see you are having such a fun time. Will call sometime over the weekend...
    Best regards, J&P

  3. Hi Jim and Gayle,

    I found your blog via Kate and Terry's Cholula Red blog. We met you when you stopped by our Lazy Daze (26.5 ft blue/white mid-bath) at the Elephant Butte Campground (the big one, not South Monticello Pt) in early Jan 09. My husband Mike and I were making our way home to Los Lunas from our Christmas trip to southern NM and AZ with our airplane. Maybe you remember us?

    Sounds like you are having a great start to your retirement!

    We took our LD to S. Monticello Pt in late January and early February for weekend visits and met Kate, Terry, and Andy and several others with LDs. What nice folks.

    I have my own blog - although it is aviation-oriented - see it at

    Hopefully our paths will cross again!

    Jan Marker