Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Elephant Butte, NM (Again)


Came back to Elephant Butte Lake State Park on Saturday. We spent 2 weeks here in January and enjoyed it so much we wanted to come back as we work our way into northern New Mexico.

On our last day at Rockhound State Park, we went for a hike and discovered the New Mexico state insect. Unfortunately we didn’t have the camera with us but check out this link for more info and a photo of this lovely creature. It is called the Tarantula Hawk wasp. I’m glad none of us got stung, as it apparently is extremely painful.

Elephant Butte Lake is as nice as we remembered. Got a beautiful site on the lake. This is such a peaceful place. Planned on staying 6 nights but we may extend our stay. As of today, there are 5 other Lazy Daze here.

Had to take Quincy to the vet today. He’s had intermittent diarrhea for 3 weeks and we got concerned. She seemed to think he was okay except for some stomach inflammation so he is on medication and we’ll see if it improves. He also has gum disease and she said his teeth need scaling and possibly a couple extractions. Guess we will be spending our money on Jim and the cats teeth problems!

Leaving you with this picture of Oreo with Jim’s head sweat on. We had just come back from a bike ride and couldn’t believe he kept it on long enough to take this. Our life is pretty simple these days so it doesn’t take much to amuse.


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