Friday, March 13, 2009

Back at Rockhound

Enjoyed our stay at Roper Lake but left on Thursday for another visit to Deming. One last photo from the dump station on the way out.


We did drive up this mountain, Mt. Graham, as far as the road was open (20 miles) and there was a lot of snow. Quite a steep, windy road but there are several Coronado National Forest campgrounds and many hiking trails along the way. Will need to remember the Dramamine if we ever go back.

Jim found a very nice dentist in Safford who cemented his old crown back on and everyone was happy.

Rockhound State Park near Deming, NM was as crowded as we expected but we did get to park in the group area, which is adequate for a couple nights.

Went to Palomas, Mexico today so Jim could get a new frame for his sunglasses he bought there a month ago. He dropped them and they broke but they replaced the frame at no charge. The last time we went to Palomas was on a Saturday and there were lots more people and beggars. It was very quiet today. We ate lunch at The Pink Store again and walked back into the US without incident. Near Columbus, NM, which is the border town to Palomas, we saw an interesting looking area so drove down the road to check it out. Here are a few pics Jim took of this lovely community. Quirky might be a good word to describe it.

P3130327 We were not members or guests but nobody seemed to care.

P3130325 Be sure to click on the individual pics to enlarge them to get the full effect.

P3130322 Yes, this is a Kaiser.

P3130326 P3130324

Always fun to see how others live. We decided we were living like royalty in our little RV compared to some of the places we saw there.

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  1. Jim & Gayle

    Loved the pictures of City of the Sun. I take it you wont be staying there any time soon?