Monday, March 2, 2009

Gilbert Ray Campground/Saguaro National Park, AZ


Left Catalina on Sunday after the Lazy Daze get-together. Met some very nice people and learned of many new places we need to visit. Discovered Trader Joe’s, a wonderful grocery/ health food store out of California. They have several locations in Tucson, and we have shopped there twice already.

Debbie and another Lazy Daze couple we met , Chuck and Carla from Iowa, decided to caravan to the west side of Tucson to Tucson Mountain Park and the Gilbert Ray Campground. It is a beautiful place, just down the road from Saguaro National Park.


Did a really nice 5 mile hike this morning. Unfortunately we are having a heat wave so it warmed up quickly but with the humidity so low it is not too bad. Especially after watching the national weather tonight and seeing the snow, we aren’t complaining about the upper 80’s! Here is a self portrait we took of the happy hikers.


P3020310 Debbie says HI, MOM!

The wild flowers and some cacti are beginning to bloom so there is a lot more color to the desert than we’ve seen up to this point.



Here is a photo of a rig that we saw when we arrived yesterday. Stopped and talked to the owners and they are a Swiss couple who built this themselves. Here is their web site if you want to learn more: They’ve been full timing in this rig for 3 years now, in Europe and the US. Quite interesting!

P3010329 .



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