Saturday, March 28, 2009

Valley of Fires, NM (Again)


The winds finally died down and we are headed towards Santa Rosa, NM. Since it was along the way, we decided to spend a couple nights at Valley of Fires again . Forgot just how pretty it was until we were driving along Hwy 380 from San Antonio, NM towards Carrizozo. There was a major snowstorm in the mountains and a little farther north so the snow really made the mountains look spectacular. In fact, we drove through a couple of snow flurries along the way. This is a view from our living room window when we arrived.


As the day wore on, the clouds cleared and it was even more beautiful.




Our friend, Joe, who we met in Elephant Butte, has started a little thing on his blog where he posts photos he took of his Lazy Daze window with beautiful scenes reflecting off the glass. This inspired me to take this photo as I walked into the bedroom yesterday and saw Debbie’s rig in Jim’s closet mirror. I will try to take other mirror shots if they are worthy!


I wasn’t real crazy about the mirrored doors in our Lazy Daze at first, but they do give the illusion of much more space.

Debbie just took this of us from her living room mirror. Guess I’ve started something here!

LD 3

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  1. Jim and Gayle:

    I'm still here enjoying your blog. I finally added some things to mine from our vaca. I'll try to update it every day as time allows. Stay safe!