Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dental Update


Well, Jim did crack a tooth. It was one with a previous filling, and the dentist thinks he will have to do an onlay or a crown. Good news since he was dreading another extraction.The problem is they don’t have any openings next week, although they may be able to get him in next Thursday or Friday. So we are leaving tomorrow for the Badlands as planned and will come back here at the end of the week if he can get an appointment.

Fortunately he is not in pain unless he chews something hard. Our only problem may be that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally starts the 9th, and it might be hard to find a place to camp. We’ll just have to see. He really wants this dentist to do the work since they have an in house lab and can do a crown in one visit, instead of getting a temporary and having to come back in a couple weeks. Hard to believe there would be such a state of the art dentist in a small town like Custer.

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