Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beaver Lake, Dam Site Lake COE Campground, Eureka Springs, AR

We endured rain and thunderstorms all day Friday, so even though we never travel on Saturday, we decided to move on to Arkansas while the weather was nice. None of the weekenders showed up in the rain Friday, so we figured it would be the same here. We drove 170 miles through the rolling green hills of the Cherokee Nation, where we paid $3.57 for gas. Hope that is a sign of lower prices everywhere.
We decided to try another COE park on Beaver Lake near the dam, but what we didn’t know is that this area got 5 inches of rain in one day last week, then another 2 on Friday. Half the sites are under water, and most of the campers left. These are truly waterfront sites now.
This is a beautiful campground on a small island, and there are only a few other people here. We have water views out all of our windows.
Some pictures from our walk around the park.
The dam.
The campground nestled in the trees across the lake. Water came up on the road last week. If it rains much more while we’re here we may be not be going anywhere for awhile.
As we were pulling into a site, a young man and woman came over with a pen and notebook and sat at our picnic table. Turns out they are with a group of marketing people from Coleman, the maker of camping products, based in Wichita, KS. They are here doing surveys and gathering information about their products, of which we have none since we got the Lazy Daze. Back in our tent and pop-up days, though, we did use a lot of Coleman items. They asked us questions about our travels, and gave us a couple bottle openers. Unfortunately for them since the weather turned so lousy, they only had a chance to speak to a few people. In fact they told us they were out mountain biking Friday morning when the storm came up, with 50 mph winds and lightning strikes in the campground. Some of their tents fill with water and the wind destroyed their shade shelter. And with a 60% chance of strong thunderstorms this afternoon, it could be another interesting day.
We will be here until Tuesday, when we are meeting friends in Branson, MO.


  1. Love Eureka Springs...neat small town. You can ride the trolley all over -- it's been years, and I'm assuming the trolley is still there. Think weather is predicting more rain, so be careful out there.

  2. Be careful out there. Seems to be a lot of severe weather this spring in the heartlands.