Friday, May 27, 2011

Busy in Branson

We’ve done lots of running around since we got to Branson. Tuesday Jim went to an optometrist to get his prescription rechecked before he ordered new glasses. We needed more Rx cat food from a vet, did some grocery shopping, etc. Also took advantage of the fitness center and laundry room here at the park.
Yesterday we had a nice lunch at Romano’s Macaroni Grill with Alan and Marilyn, a couple whom we have corresponded with through our blogs.
They’ve been fulltiming in a motorhome since December 2009. It’s always fun to talk to other fulltimers and share our experiences. They are volunteering for the summer at Branson’s Lakeside RV Park. Unfortunately for them, the park is completely under water from the flooding due to the water that was released from Table Rock Dam. They had to evacuate from the park a few days ago in the middle of the night. You can read about it on their blog. Their first time volunteering has turned out to be quite an experience so far.
Here are a few pictures of Lakeside RV park we took this morning. The water is down a bit from a couple days ago.
After lunch yesterday we shopped until we dropped. Jim actually bought some much needed new clothes at Bass Pro Shops, then we got a few things at the Tanger Outlet Mall and Vanity Fair. This morning we got up and went to Panera Bread to get our fix of multi-grain bagels. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a Panera’s. We are impressed with Branson’s selection of stores and restaurants, and by how easy it is to get around town. It is really scenic here, too.
One more picture of the restaurant that used to be attached to Bass Pro Shops. This is what happened to it during last month’s flooding.
On the Branson Landing part of a store literally floated away.  The marina and boat dock was attached to The Bass Pro Shops White River Fish House Restaurant.
A tree floating downstream knocked the dock loose last night, but it hung on until 4:00 a.m. It's now 14 miles downstream along Lake Taneycomo.
Workers from Bass Pro and Empire Electric managed to guide it into the Red Cedar Cove. That's the last one on the right before Powersite Dam. It would have gone over had it floated another quarter to half mile.
Workers got on board the marina and cleared all the merchandise out of it. The plan is to let the waters recede and then tow it back and reattach it.
Crews are now anchoring the restaurant so it won't float away
The boardwalk is somewhere down there under water. You can just make out the lamp posts.
We really like it here in Branson. Now if only the sun would come out!


  1. YIKES, you put us up front...eeeee! Great pics of all the water. Glad you found Panera -- we may have to check that out too! Be safe & God bless!

  2. So sad to see all the devastation. What a weather year this has been.

    Nice that you got to meet Alan and Marilyn. I enjoy their blog too.