Sunday, May 29, 2011

Holiday Hills Resort, Branson

We finally got some blue skies yesterday, and decided to take a long walk around the resort. The RV park is still almost empty. The most we’ve counted were 10 sites occupied out of a total of 32. This is also a Coast to Coast Membership park, so we thought it would be more crowded. We are the only ones on our row.
Here are some pictures of the variety of lodgings in the resort. There is everything from lodge rooms (these are across from the campground),
and luxury homes on the golf course. This was our favorite.
The restaurant.
The whole timeshare concept escapes us, but this is definitely a nice place to stay.
Since things have dried out a bit, I’ve been letting the cats outside. They like walking on the picnic table and this railroad tie, and got into a friendly little cat fight yesterday.
Jim was out connecting the sewer hose, and after we all went in, he found a tick on his leg. I handed him a paper towel to pick it up with, and he got it off. The problem was, it disappeared from the paper towel. That turned into a major tick hunt, with rugs being shaken out, chairs being moved, and serious vacuuming of everything in the rig. After all that, he looked down and saw the tick on his shirt sleeve, so he threw it outside. Checked over the cats and ourselves but didn’t see any more.
This morning we took a ride to Table Rock State Park and Dam, and as we pulled into the campground, Jim scratched his leg and felt something. Sure enough it was another tick. It hadn’t gotten a good hold yet, so he took a Kleenex and picked it off. Coincidentally, we were parked right in front of one of the bulletin boards in the campground and there was a tick warning sign, which makes us think it must be a serious problem around here. Great! Besides tornadoes, rain, heat and humidity, we have one more thing to contend with. At least the mosquitoes aren’t out (yet). The good thing about our trip back east is we are finding lots of places we wouldn’t want to live.
We’ve been having some competitive ping pong games at the activity center here. I grew up with a ping pong table in our basement, and my brother, dad, cousin Ronnie and I spent way too many hours playing. I used to be pretty good, so whenever we go somewhere and find a ping pong table, we have to play. Jim is not bad, either, but I always used to beat him. That is until the other day, when he humiliated me. So we had a rematch yesterday and I won. Guess where we’re going when I finish this blog post?


  1. The following comment was posted by Donna K. However, I somehow managed to delete it.


    "TICKS - eww yuk. Except for bed-bugs those are the insects I fear most! Other than that, the park looks like it is in a beautiful setting. Be sure and keep us updated on the ping pong tournaments lol!! "

  2. If you float the rivers, you find more friends - leaches. I will refrain from any comment on ping-pong.

  3. Ticks & Chiggers -- both are HORRIBLE! Nice pics of Holiday Hills. Poor Jim -- don't you feel guilty beating up on him at ping-pong...LOL!

  4. Having lived most of my life in MO, I can say that the first (wet) part of the summer is 'tick' season. Then when it gets hotter & drier, it's 'flea' season. The jiggers need the drier weather also. I hate them the most — they get so 'personal'. As yuky as ticks are & unless they're the deer ticks (very, very tiny) which carry lyme disease, they're the most non-event of the bug bites for people & pets. At least they don't multiply exponentially like fleas!

    We just 'escaped' to full timing with 2 cats (& a dog), so I'm wondering how you manage to let your cats loose outside. I don't trust mine yet without a lease on them.

    ~~ Glenda ~~

  5. Those were nice pictures of Holiday HIlls. We stay at the Chairmen in Holiday Hills around August, did not know about the flea and tick problem in Branson...good to know! Makes me thrilled that I am not an outdoorsy kinda!