Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Valley of Fires Recreation Area, Carrizozo, NM

We’ve endured another couple of extremely windy days at Elephant Butte, so when it looked like the winds had died down this morning we hit the road for Valley of Fires. a former New Mexico state park which was taken over by the BLM. This is actually our third time here, a small, pretty campground on a ridge overlooking the lava fields.
The winds did pick up along our 115 mile trip, but it was a tailwind for the last 50 miles or so. When we got out to unhook the car in the campground, what a surprise to see that our Protect-a-Tow, the screen which supposedly keeps rocks and debris from hitting the car, was completely gone! Apparently the bungee cord broke somewhere along our route. I found the broken bungee near the park entrance when I walked down to the pay station, so Jim got in the car and backtracked a few miles thinking it had not fallen off too far back, but no luck. I’m sure it is blowing in the wind somewhere in New Mexico.
We had cabin fever after the past two days, so we did take a walk after we got here, wind and all. There is a nice paved trail through the lava flows, but you can actually walk on the lava and explore wherever you like.
We even saw one cactus blooming. As dry as it’s been this year, not much has been in bloom this spring.
We will be glad to get to Missouri where it should be nice and green after all the rain they’ve had.


  1. You are in a park we want to check out on our next visit to New Mexico.

  2. Sorry you lost your Protect-a-tow. That's no fun!

    I follwed your link to the Valley of Fires site...thanks for sharing. Looks like an interesting area.

    Enjoyed your photos.

  3. I too have had cabin fever because of the high winds. Looks like it is clearing up today and I will be rolling. Too bad about losing your Protect-a-tow.

  4. We are steadily making our way to MO...currently in TN. Looks like MO will be getting more rain, so things should be really, really green!