Friday, May 13, 2011

Santa Rosa Lake State Park, NM

May 2010
We are now at Santa Rosa Lake State Park, near Santa Rosa, NM, a 130 mile drive from Valley of Fires. We spent a week here in 2009, but forgot what a nice park it is. We even have a distant view of the lake, and there are lots of trees, a nice change.
The winds have finally calmed, but we heard on the news last night that two national forests in New Mexico are closed, and more may follow. It has been so windy and dry this year there have been quite a few fires, and the state is trying to prevent any more until there is rainfall. All the state parks have a ban on fires of any kind, even charcoal grills. They are still allowing propane grills, though, I guess until someone does something stupid and starts a fire with one.
The lake levels are also down from lack of rain. Our neighbor told us the lake was 30’ higher last year at this time.
When we got back from a walk yesterday afternoon, we found Oreo on the dash sound asleep in quite an unusual position. Check out that back leg.  
And not to slight Quincy, he’s pretty good at relaxing, too.


  1. Love the pics of the kitties!

  2. I am not far from you guys but leaving here tomorrow morning for Texas. Today is a beautiful day with just a slight breeze. It is about time.

  3. What a beautiful spot! You guys enjoy!