Wednesday, May 4, 2011

South Monticello Campground, Elephant Butte Lake State Park, NM

Yesterday we moved about 20 miles north of Truth or Consequences to Elephant Butte Lake State Park, South Monticello Campground. This is our third time here, and we really like the spacious sites, nice views, and few other people. That will change over the weekend, though, since all the reserved sites are taken for Friday and Saturday. The New Mexico State Parks usually set aside about half of the campsites for reservations during the summer season, to give the locals a chance for a good site. Unfortunately what they’ve done here is put the two waterfront loops on reservation only, so those of us coming in without a reservation are stuck with the less desirable sites. We still have a nice view but we’re not as close to the lake as we’d like.
Site 12 May 2011
Oreo has especially been enjoying it. We have been really worried about him as he was barely eating last week, but we’ve been very diligent about his medicine, and for whatever reason over the past four days, he’s been eating like crazy, wanting to go outside, and interacting with us rather than just sleeping behind a chair. Hope it lasts for awhile.
While I cleaned dust and bugs off the rig yesterday, Jim drained and flushed the hot water tank. There weren’t as many chunks of white calcium deposits as we’ve seen on previous flushings, so we wondered if it is just permanently attaching to the inside of the tank now.
Today we took a long hike on the only trail in the park, getting off the trail at Three Sisters Point, a primitive camping area with lake access. There is an interesting little community of about 10 mobile homes on the road to the point. Took a few pictures of some things we saw there.
No, didn’t see any, just the sign.
You gotta love the Yellow Submarine propane tank.
And this truck was pretty well camouflaged.
These looked like some kind of skulls on the fence posts. It is quite an eclectic neighborhood.
We’ll probably spend a week here, then move a bit faster as we work our way to Missouri by the end of the month.


  1. I've been reading over some of the older posts on your blog and I really like your style of writing and the information that you include. I would love to be able to get your take on places that we are planning to visit. Have you considered adding a "search this blog" gadget to your side bar labels? I added one awhile ago to our blog and discovered that it's even useful to me when I want to find something.

  2. I LOVE seeing that little black and white cat outside! I'd personally like to see more photos posted of my buddy Oreo...and his goofy brother too. D.

  3. Glad to hear Oreo is feeling better. It must be the park. HA!
    I really love that park as well. Have a happy Cinco de Mayo!!

  4. Hi and thanks for the comment. These blogs come with a search this blog located in the upper left corner. Does one work better than the other? Or do you think it is just easier for the reader to use the one in the sidebar?


  5. Duh! All the years that I've been reading and writing on blogs and I've never noticed that little "search" in the corner. Thanks! It works great.