Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holiday Hills Resort, Branson, MO

We managed to get away from our little island on Beaver Lake this morning, although the water was beginning to come over the road in spite of the water being released from the dam.
On the day we arrived the picnic table was visible under this shelter.
We were concerned about road flooding on our 70 mile drive to Branson, but it wasn’t an issue. A portion of the eastbound lane of highway 62 on the way to Eureka Springs was partially washed away, though. It made me a little nervous that traffic was allowed on the undamaged lane, but I’m sure it was deemed to be safe.
Last summer we met a very nice couple near Laramie, WY at Vedauwoo campground. They live in Buffalo, MO, just north of Springfield, and they told us they had an RV hookup at their house, or a timeshare with an RV park in Branson. They said if we were ever in MO, we were welcome to stay at either place. When we got our camp host job and were trying to figure out where to spend the Memorial Day weekend, Jim remembered Fred and Sue, and gave them a call. They met us today across the road from the resort and escorted us to the campground at Holiday Hills. What a nice place. Very wooded, big sites, and not many people here, although it will probably get busier this weekend. And what’s even better is it is free!
After we got set up, we stopped to look at their condo, which is also very nice, and took a tour of the resort. This is a huge place, with a golf course, several swimming pools, a clubhouse with a gym and game room, restaurant, etc.
We then went to nearby Branson Landing for a late lunch. Sadly, there is horrible flooding from the water that has been released from the dam at Table Rock Lake. The boardwalk is under water, but most of the shops and restaurants are still high and dry. Forgot the camera again, but will take pictures another day. We had a really good Enchilada de Avocado at Cantina Laredo, and had fun catching up with Fred and Sue again. They went back home this evening because they were concerned about more threats of severe thunderstorms with possible tornados tonight and tomorrow, and they have a basement at their house. We really appreciate them letting us be their guests for a week here.

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  1. Here's hoping you guys stay safe with all the horrific weather in that region. Please. keep us updated.