Friday, August 19, 2011

Grand Lake St. Marys State Park, OH



Since we were close to Michigan and have never been, we thought we might find a nice spot on Lake Michigan for the next few days. After some research I found that all the state parks on the lake were booked for the weekend, plus they cost $24 a night, and there is an $8 charge for each vehicle. the car and the RV. That’s pretty pricy for a state park, and we didn’t care to see Michigan that badly this time around. Since we only have a week before we go to our friends house on Middle Bass Island in Lake Erie, we decided to just move on to Ohio.

I picked Grand Lake St. Marys State Park because it is also on a lake, Grand Lake, the largest man-made lake in Ohio. We got a nice site with a view, and since there is a toxic algae problem, swimming and eating fish from the lake is not recommended.The park decided to charge half price for the summer season to attract some business, so we are paying $12.50 a night with electric.


Today we checked out the town of St. Marys and Memorial Park to take a walk along the old towpath of the Miami-Erie Canal. We forgot the camera so Jim took a few pictures with the phone.



The park has a replica of an old canal boat.


St. Marys seem to be a nice little town. Hope to do some cycling while we are here as the roads are nice and flat and there are some pretty areas around the lake to ride.


  1. Looks like things worked out pretty well for you guys. Nice view and great price....sorry about the toxic problem but the view is what we would like and that is what you got. :-)

  2. We grew up in Michigan and used to love the state parks until they got ridiculous on their fees, plus they have laid off half the staff and the parks have been going down hill for years. St Mary's was a wise choice.
    About ten miles from you is a great little museum, The Bicycle Museum in New Breman,

    and about 15 miles east of that in Jackson Center is the airstream trailer factory with daily tours.
    Safe Travels

  3. Some state's state parks are pricing some of us out of using them. It's very sad to me.

  4. I agree that some of the state parks are no longer economical especially for us those of us with an extra vehicle, in our case the Jeep. It seems to me if you can fit on your site and not bringing in a car load of people it should only be one price for the campsite. One of my pet peeves!