Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Punderson State Park, Newbury, OH



We drove just about 100 miles yesterday, and are now east of Cleveland at Punderson State Park. Driving through Cleveland we were happy to have our new GPS with the lane assist feature, which shows a little picture of what lane you need to be in for the next exit or turn. Too bad the navigator didn’t quite understand the picture, and we ended up in the wrong lane, which when it recalculated took us through the ‘hood! We were hoping we didn’t have a mechanical breakdown, but made it out and finally into a really scenic neighborhood of huge old homes. The problem was the road was very narrow, rough, and only had a 35 mph speed limit. It was a long last 20 miles to the park!

We got a nice site on the lake, but the trees are so dense it is hard to see it.


Last evening we took a bike ride to explore the park, which has a golf course, lots of cabins, and a lovely lodge and restaurant.


Unfortunately this is not one of the Ohio parks that honors Passport America, so we are paying $25 a night for our site. What surprised us is there are almost 200 sites, 5 with full hookups for $31, and the rest with only 20 amp electric. This is the first time we’ve stayed at a campground that didn’t have at least 30 amp service. We tried the AC and it didn’t trip the breaker, but it is cool enough that we didn’t really need it anyway.

The zoom on our camera is malfunctioning and the lens is scratched, so today we drove to Mentor, 20 miles north, to check out Best Buy and for me to get a much needed haircut. Jim would like a camera with a better zoom, but we got so confused and overwhelmed with all the choices, we didn’t buy anything.

After we got back we hiked a few miles around the lake. We are getting tired of trees and woods, and long for the vistas we were seeing out west. Didn’t see anything interesting on the trail until right at the end when we found these colorful mushrooms growing on a fallen log.


It has been a week since Oreo died and we miss him horribly. Fortunately our other boy Quincy doesn’t seem to be aware that he is gone. Probably because he is getting all the attention now.



  1. That's a great shot of the mushrooms, with the green leaves as contrast.

    It's so sad when we loose a beloved pet. It's not something to get over in a week or two. My heart goes out to you as you deal with missing your Oreo every day. Glad you still have one furbaby to keep your heart from being empty.

    I was wondering about that lane feature on the GPS. Ours doesn't have it and sometimes it seems it would help a lot. Let us know how it works out.

  2. I lived outside of Cleveland many years ago and would never have dreamed there was such a lovely place as you are staying or that I might actually want to go there. Thanks for the enlightenment.


  3. I can understand your frustraction with Best Buy's camera selection. There is just way too many. I am interested in what you decide on as I am also going to be in the market for a new one shortly.

  4. Short of a digital DSLR, I still think you can't go wrong with a Canon Powershot 12 megapixel.