Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shipshewana, IN



We drove 220 miles to Indiana’s Amish country today, an unusually long drive for us. Between the 30 minute traffic delay in Indianapolis, and stopping for gas and lunch, it took us over 6 hours. We are not fast travelers.

Our destination was the Shipshewana RV Park, right on the grounds of the famous flea market, which only takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Since the weather has been so nice, we thought we might dry camp for $12 rather than pay $27 or $33 for the full hookup sites. By the time we got here there we only a few pull through full hookup sites left, so we are paying $33 a night, the most we’ve paid for a campsite since we started fulltiming almost three years ago. But it is just a short walk to the flea market, which I will be getting up early to check out in the morning.

We will probably stay one more night and drive to Elkhart tomorrow afternoon to go to the RV Museum, since the RV parks near Elkhart are just as expensive.

We’re about a half mile to town so tonight we took a walk through the downtown area.


It’s very pretty around here, and fun to see all the horses and buggies, many of them towing small trailers with all kinds of junk in them.


There is one big downside to Amish country, though.



  1. I remember dashing across the street during the Thanksgiving Parade in Chicago one year and stepping in a pile of horse apples as I sprinted. Other parade watchers thought it was very funny; me, not so much. Thanks (?) for evoking that memory. :)

  2. We are both from Indiana and have spent many many visits in Shipshewanna. Be sure you try a Jojo's pretzel, eat at the Blue Gate, buy a loaf of zucchini bread from the Blue Gate bakery (if you like that) and if anybody crafts, Lolly's quilt shop and Yoders Department store are great places to visit. Great cheese and meat (no hormones) at Yoders Meat and cheese shop or butcher shop, right across from the flea market. Enjoy your stay! We are going to be sure to check out where you guys have stayed to find such inexpensive places! We're 40 feet so we are more limited where we can go, we think.

  3. And they say cars pollute!! :-)

    We just love that part of the country. It is just so peacefully beautiful. Enjoy!!

  4. We were in Shipshewana last year -- love the area. We also went to the RV Museum...you will enjoy I'm sure seeing the campers from the past. Have fun and be safe!!

  5. That last photo was so unexpected, I laughed out loud!! Too funny! I have never been to any Amish areas so I enjoy reading about them and seeing the pictures. thanks for sharing.

  6. Gayle...we'd never heard of the Shipshewana flea market...but after looking at it on-line, it looks like a great place to visit. Have fun there!

    Who picks up the horse poo? Is there an official horse poo picker-upper? Sounds like a great job for Jim!

  7. Poor Jim....sounds like a pretty crappy job..hahaha!! I have so enjoyed traveling along with you guys, sure miss getting pictures of my girl. she hasn't sent me any.We have finally had three whole days of NO HUMIDITY yea!! Happy travels!! Pat