Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Finally Got To San Francisco (Part One)


On Saturday we moved to Concord, CA, thanks to a generous offer from our Lazy Daze friend, Steve. We spent three very quiet nights in his driveway just 30 miles east of San Francisco. Our bikes spent three safe nights in his garage, and Debbie was able to park on the street in front of his house. And as far as we know there were no complaints from the neighbors.


Steve and his cute dog Jiggs, who tried to eat Sophie but didn’t succeed.


This turkey named Henrietta has lived in the neighborhood for a couple years. She has a bum leg, but wanders around happily. One day I awoke to find her in front of Debbie’s step.


Another day we came home to find her on a truck across the street. Nobody seems to bother her, she just goes where she pleases.


After getting settled, Steve took us for a ride to get acquainted with the neighborhood and have lunch. That afternoon Jim and I went to nearby Mt. Diablo State Park for a little hike.


It was over seven miles to the summit, but we just did a 4 mile loop, which was plenty that day.





Steve told us what looks like a hotel in the center of this photo is actually just a single house.


How the other half lives.


But to really see how the other half lives, on Sunday morning we drove in to San Francisco to visit some other Lazy Daze friends, Dave and Mary, who actually live in the city.


Their house is on a very steep street with a great view and nice backyard.



They were kind enough to let us all pile in their car and give us a tour. We went to Twin Peaks, the Presidio, Lands End, Golden Gate Park, and we can’t remember where else, with brunch at Pomelo’s thrown in there somewhere. We tried to park and walk to Crissy Field so we could get closer to the Golden Gate Bridge, but due to road construction and the Sunday crowd taking advantage of the beautiful warm weather, that wasn’t meant to happen. We had a great time and appreciated having someone so familiar with the city to show us around.



Look closely in the grass to the left of the road


This couple was working out with a view. Guess it’s much safer than riding on the busy streets.


Mary, David, Jim, and Debbie.


Alcatraz from afar.


A bit of the Presidio.


The elusive Golden Gate Bridge.


A nice hike along the coast.




And even a windmill.


It was a fun but tiring day, and we still had to drive back to Concord in more traffic than we’re comfortable with. We got smart and took the train the following day, but that’s for another post.


  1. What a great day in SF! If you're going back, you should go to Little Italy, drive Lombard (the crooked street), eat great food and go through China Town.

  2. We really enjoy San Francisco. What a hoot they you mentioned your friends live on a steep hill. Not sure there is anything other than steep hills in SF. What a lovely house and view!

    1. I said that to see if anyone was paying attention! Jim barely got us parallel parked on their street. We would definitely have to ditch the manual transmission if we lived there!

  3. Beautiful! My parents were born in SF and grew up there, so I've been up many times and have seen all those places - it's been a long, long time though. I forget how beautiful it is. I have relatives who still live there. I'm glad you had a chance to see so much, and especially with a SF resident showing you around. It's really a small town, but so easy to get lost. At least for me. :)

    Love the turkey in the neighborhood.

  4. How wonderful to have all those Lazy Daze friends to show you around their areas. LOL at the resident turkey. Just love that. Your hike looks beautiful and the labyrinth there by the sea is stunning. What a gorgeous setting for a contemplative walk. Who is responsible for that? I'd absolutely love to go there.

    1. Our friends David and Mary know the person but I don't recall who it is.


  5. San Francisco is a great place to visit, if you can get there. Glad you had a good time.

  6. Now that was the perfect "campground" for visiting San Francisco! How nice to have a friend with a driveway only 30 miles away and friends within the city (what a view they have). Looks like you had a beautiful day for your tour. We've only done the city twice and both times were on motorcycle trips so we stayed in a hotel near the wharf. Someday we'll have to go back and do a few hikes. Love the labyrinth!

  7. For a big city, San Francisco is wonderful and unique. We have visited a bunch of times and have spent entire weekends walking the city. I believe we have logged 20 mile days on our feet! Here's a good site about the San Francisco Stairs: http://www.sisterbetty.org/stairways/ The Filbert and Greenwich stairs are neat... You were very fortunate to find a free spot to stay!

  8. What a wonderful visit--and with local tour guides. perfect! Another rarity--a sunny, non-foggy day in SFO!