Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring Lake Regional Park



On Thursday Laurelee took us on another hike, which started in the very busy Howarth Park in Santa Rosa, then continued on through another regional park, Spring Lake, where we lost the crowds. We are certainly impressed  with the number of parks around here. The trail was dog friendly (on leash) so Laurelee brought Libby (under the picnic table) and Debbie brought Rupert and Elliot.


We also saw this professional dog walker with a big crew in tow. That’s got to be a challenging job.



We walked 3.8 miles, all on a paved loop trail, but the park has many more miles of dirt trails. There is also a campground which doesn’t open until May.

Spring Lake.


A family of geese.


And we happened upon the folks from Eukanuba doing a photo shoot for a dog food ad.



Laurelee went off on a weekend camping trip so we won’t get to see her again before we leave, but it’s been nice to have our very own local tour guide to give us ideas on things to do in the area. Santa Rosa is really a nice place to visit.


  1. We have never really thought of visiting that area. It does look very nice. You have given us another place to consider.

  2. First picture is just beautiful. Looks like a day for dogs! Too bad Elvis and Sophie don't hike. They could have driven them all crazy! :-)

  3. Certainly a dog day:) Can't be too much fun for the dogs walking in a crowd like that, professional walker or not.

    Don't you just love the fluffy little goslings!

  4. The dog walker sure does have his hands full. I feel bad for the little yorkie in the back.

  5. Those goslings are adorable! I am loving your photos of green country!