Friday, January 22, 2010

After The Storm


The rains came as predicted yesterday, so it was a day for indoor chores. The rain wasn’t horrible until around 3 in the afternoon, when we got a major thunderstorm, high winds, and lost power.  It was like being back in Florida! As of this morning we are still without power. But the beauty of living in a motorhome as opposed to a house is that when the power goes out, we can still run all the lights and appliances, either with propane, 12 volt or by using the generator.

There was lots of standing water and many downed limbs from the wind. We were glad to have moved to a site with no trees over us.P1210054

After the rain ended, the sun came out a little and the skies were beautiful, complete with a rainbow.

P1210052 P1210050

Wednesday we drove back to Quartzsite to pick up mail, visit Jim’s cousin and do some more shopping. There must have been 30 people in line in front of us to pick up general delivery mail at the post office. The RV show and flea market areas were not as crowded as they were when we went on Sunday. We had been thinking about some things we saw but didn’t buy, and decided we ought to go back and get them. After having been there once, we knew our way around, so it didn’t seem as bad this time. We left our car at the post office and walked through Greasewood campground to get to the show. There were a lot less RVs there, too. We figured many folks may have left early to get out before the really bad weather hit.

We had a nice visit with Connie and Joe, Jim’s cousin and her husband. They live in a park model manufactured house, just one bedroom, but to us it felt like a mansion. It was very nice, and they own a huge lot with several RV spots that various friends and relatives stay at over the winter. They spend 7 months in Quartzsite, and the other 5 at an apartment in Minden, NV, where their kids live. They seem very happy. They were trying to talk us into looking at property in Quartzsite since it is very inexpensive to live there, but we don’t think it’s a place we’d want to come back to regularly.

A couple more pictures I took after the rain stopped. We heard on the news last night that a tornado touched down just south of Blythe and turned over 3 semis on I-10, only about 6 miles from the park. Guess we were lucky.



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