Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cocopah Casino RV Park, Yuma, AZ

Left Quartzsite yesterday for Yuma, with our first stop as we entered Arizona being the Flying J just over the California border. Gas in California was $3.19/gallon. In Arizona it was $2.69! Unfortunately, everyone else on the planet stops there, and the lines were terrible. We also needed propane, which we were able to get with no problem while Debbie waited in the gas line. The line was even longer after getting the propane, so we decided to go to the Texaco station a few miles east, where we paid $2.77 but no waiting. It was well worth the little extra money. Unfortunately we had to go through Quartzsite again since 95 runs from there to Yuma, and there really is no other good way to go. It was stop and go traffic for a couple miles trying to get past the RV show.  There was lots of mud and standing water from the storm, which at least cut down on the dust. That will most likely be our last visit to the “Q”.

The weather has improved dramatically, so we decided to stay at Cocopah Casino in Yuma for $5.00 for 3 nights. One section is what they call an RV park, and that’s just what it is, a place to park. There are no hookups, no water, no dump, but they delineated 50 large parking spots for overnight RVs. It is so popular they also let you stay in the regular casino RV lot, which we did last night. This morning we found there were three open sites in the RV park, so we moved on over. It is so much better here, farther from 95, not so close to the neighbors, and we have a view. We haven’t met the people next to us in the green and purple motor home, but it looks like an older rig with a really sharp new paint job.


We went into downtown Yuma today to go far a walk along the Colorado River and found they were having the Harvest Festival on Main St. Kind of typical arts and crafts but with some unique things mixed in. An accordion band was playing, there were some vintage tractors, and these garlic vendors.P1240050 P1240049

The trail along the river was a disappointment. Not very scenic and I-8 and the railroad tracks ran by so it was very noisy.

Tomorrow we are going to Los Algodones, Mexico to get our teeth cleaned so Jim can scope out this dentist he may use to do his abutment and crown on the implant if he feels comfortable there. Should be an interesting day.

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