Monday, January 18, 2010

Mayflower County Park, Blythe, CA

BeforeP1170045 And after.P1180047

This being Monday and with the Blythe Bluegrass Festival ending last night, several people left the park today. I went for a walk this morning to scope out a different site and found a couple on the outer perimeter. One interesting thing they do here, if you are staying at least a week, is pump out your tanks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  So I went and moved the car to our new site and we waited on the pump truck to do their thing.  Quite a nice perk for $110/week.  And they only charge $250/month, which includes electric, so the park is full of Canadians and other snowbirds staying long term. Now that we have this view instead of staring into our neighbor’s RVs, we are much happier to be here.


Every January, the little town of Quartsite, AZ turns into a city of RVs and people, all coming to camp in the desert and shop at the vendors who set up for miles around town.

Yesterday we went to see what it was all about. We shopped till we dropped at the Big Tent and Tyson Wells flea market areas, along with thousands of our closest friends. Only found a few little things we couldn’t live without.


Luckily we went early in the morning and it wasn’t too bad, but by the time we left the traffic and crowds were horrible. The older we get, the less we tolerate large groups of people!  We found our way under interstate 10 to the Greasewood campground to visit our Lazy Daze friends, Don and Carol, who were staying there. We were so glad we decided stay here at Mayflower Park instead, as Greasewood campground is just a giant dirt parking lot with very little space between sites. The only advantage to being there is you can walk under the interstate to the vendor areas, but our one trip was plenty for us.

Jim has a cousin from Nevada who spends the winters at a trailer park in Quartzsite, so we are planning to go back and visit them one day this week. Otherwise we are sitting out the rain, which we had a little of last night and this morning. Looks like the worst is on the way. It cleared up for awhile this afternoon so we went for a walk along the Colorado. Very pretty!P1180043


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