Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Joshua Tree National Park

Spent the past couple nights at Twentynine Palms RV Resort, a Passport America park a couple miles from the entrance to Joshua Tree. The regular rate is $38/night so the half price was not a bad deal. They have a nice laundry room, which we desperately needed, an indoor pool, which I used, a hot tub, game room, store, etc. It’s not a bad place to stay while visiting the national park. We would have loved to camp in the park, but at 4000’ elevation it’s been in the low 30’s at night,  just too cold for us without hookups. Yes, we are wimps!

We spent yesterday afternoon in Joshua Tree, and walked several of the shorter nature trails. We had been here maybe 15-20 years ago when I attended an ophthalmology meeting in Palm Desert, but didn’t remember much except that we have always wanted to return. It is another beautiful national park, with stunning rock formations. We have grown to love looking at rocks this past year and probably have thousands of pictures of them.  Here are a few from yesterday.

These are from the Skull Rock trail.

P1040051 P1040044 P1040049

Baker Dam trail.


The dam was built in the early 1900’s, and it was amazing how high the water lines were. There is much less rainfall now so there was very little water.


Our favorite trail was Hidden Valley, a popular rock climbing area. In fact the campground there was full of tents, with what looked like college students who were rock climbing.

P1040065 P1040064

Our list of places we want to come back to is growing and this is definitely one of them. Today we’re heading south and looking forward to the mid 70’s. Can’t wait to be wearing shorts and sandals again!  Forgot to mention that California has some of the worst roads we’ve encountered anywhere so far, and the highest gas prices. We aren’t impressed.

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