Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Fun Than A Barrel of Monkeys

Well, we left Jojoba Hills SKP park today or as I refer to it, a little piece of heaven or an island of tranquility. Take your pick.

Anywho, we decided to change our plans and head over towards Quartzsite. Reason being that it appears there is going to be a market for Ark building in the coming days. They are talking many inches of rain coming at us in just a few days and multiple storms.

We thought about heading to an RV park at Rice Ranch in Quartzsite until we saw a post on the internet with a photo of a guy riding a jet ski in the campground following really heavy rains.

So, we may have a window of a couple of days before the rain. We headed to another California park, Mayflower County Park just north of Blythe, CA. This is on the Colorado River and were the campers not one on top of the other you might actually see it. Actually, there is more room than that but the lanes between each row of campers is one lane wide so it seems strange and cramped. Still can’t see the river though.

We finally pick a site and there begins, boys and girls, our hour long effort to get level. We don’t have hydraulic levelers so the orange thingamabobs come out. We gave up on the first site and on to the next. Luck there was even worse. Fortunately, our friends from across the Canadian border offered more orange things but they say you shouldn’t stack them more than a 6 foot step ladder tall so we tried pulling forward instead of backing in and we were level without using that stuff.

Checked the water hardness and it was hard enough that we are required to send it to NASA for further testing. Filled up the tank and one would think all was well.

But for one thing. The ever present smell of shit in the rig. Now I was beginning to think that we had a ruptured black water tank. No, I had dog shit on one of my shoes. Thankfully, I tracked it all over the rig. At this point I thought the best thing to do was head to Lazy Daze and buy a Kodiak and set this rig on fire but Gayle decided to clean it up.

I can only say that I am hoping to be able to rent a jet ski in the next few days to travel throughout the campground.

And the people in Haiti think they have problems! Why wasn’t CNN here to film this fiasco.

Pictures to follow.

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