Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jojoba Hills SKP Resort, Aguanga, CA

We reluctantly left Lake Cahuilla yesterday and after a 60 mile drive, about 20 of which consisted of a nice climb and lots of switchbacks, we arrived at Jojoba Hills SKP Park. I drove the car separately because we had some concerns about Hwy 74 out of Palm Desert, and even though it wasn’t horrible, it is easier for the rig to climb without the weight of the car behind it. Plus that way Jim didn’t have to listen to me badger him about slowing down around the curves that had no guardrails.

Jojoba Hills is one of the Escapees parks where you can lease a permanent site. Right now there is a two and a half year waiting list!  It’s around $28,000 plus a monthly fee for water, sewer, garbage, cable and local phone. When you decide to sell, the buy-in money is refunded and the lot goes up for resale. It’s definitely the nicest “trailer park” we’ve ever seen.  They have a huge clubhouse, outdoor swimming pool with a lovely view, hot tubs, game room, library, exercise room (which we’ve already made use of), and of course the usual RV park activities.  Each site has it’s own shed and patio, and lots of people have done some beautiful landscaping on their lots. We could see living there, at least in the winter.

We are staying here as guests of Mike and Lisa Sylvester, The RV Guy, who does mobile RV service and has a lot here. We had only planned to stay 2 nights but decided to stay another 2 so we could explore the area some. P1130046


Thought it never rained in southern California, but we awoke today to drizzle and fog. Looks like it is clearing up, just in time for our RV inspection and servicing by Mike. They just arrived so I will go see if I can learn something, and hope he doesn’t find anything wrong!

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