Friday, January 1, 2010

More Death Valley

I will try to do a short summary of some of the highlights of our stay in Death Valley.  The hiking was great, and the scenery spectacular.  We just wished we had a Jeep or higher clearance vehicle to get to some of the trails off of dirt roads. Some were okay to do in the car, but we had to pass on a few that were just too rutted and rocky.

In the Furnace Creek area, one of our favorite trails was the hike up Golden Canyon, then over the badlands to  the Zabriskie Point overlook and coming back down Gower Gulch, where there were remnants of old borax mines. The weather was perfect that day.PC270007 PC270009 PC270014



The next day was blustery and it barely got to 50. We did take a ride to the Badwater Salt Flat and walked for awhile. It looked like dirty snow, and especially felt that way with it being cold.PC280027



Desolation Canyon was another fun hike. We got to do lots of rock scrambling  and only saw a few other people. Guess the name kept them away.


We also hiked in Titus Canyon, which is really a one way dirt road through a beautiful narrow canyon.


PC300043 Guess those are the highlights. Death Valley is a great national park, and one we would like to visit again in a bit warmer weather.

On New Years eve, we joined the big “washer toss” tournament, and somehow managed to play 3 rounds before we lost. It was actually a fun game. Then it was a pot luck dinner at 5 o’clock,  our New Years champagne toast at 6, and we were in by 7!  It’s just not much fun sitting outside when it gets dark at 4:45 and the temperatures begin dropping into the 30’s. They did have a few propane patio heaters but there were too many people for everyone to huddle around them to keep warm. Guess we still have that Florida blood in us.  Next year we hope to be somewhere warmer over the holidays, even if it means south Florida or Mexico! 

Happy 2010 everyone!  Here’s hoping it’s another good one.

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