Friday, January 15, 2010

Temecula, CA


We took a stroll around Old Town Temecula yesterday afternoon. It is a quaint area of antique stores, cafes and specialty shops. The sidewalks on the main street are wooden, and most of the buildings are rustic looking.  We found a candy store that sold  these cute little white chocolate “deviled eggs” that were very realistic looking, and a root beer shop with over 150 kinds of root beer.P1140046
Always searching for that perfect pizza, we decided to try Pizza Fusion, an organic pizza shop. Only in California, I thought, but it is a chain with locations throughout the country. It is one we will definitely look for again. We had the Very Vegan, which had Crimini mushrooms, roasted garlic and soy cheese on a delicious multi-grain crust. It was one of the best pizzas we’ve had in a long time,  although we rarely find a bad one! 

Being here at Jojoba Hills, it feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere. Temecula, on the other hand, about 20 miles west of here, is like being in the big city. It is only 60 miles north of San Diego and about 80 miles southeast of LA, so it appears to be just one big extension of those areas, with the traffic that goes along with it. Not much fun!

Today we made use of the exercise room and when we got back, Debbie came by to tell us her water pump was leaking. She had called Mike Sylvester and he came by and verified that it was a pump failure and not a loose connection. She called ShurFlo but they wouldn’t send a new one until she sent the defective one back. She told them she wasn’t sure where she would be by the time they got around to sending it, but mentioned we were heading to Quartzsite next week. Of course the ShurFlo rep will be there, so she is to bring him her old pump for a replacement. Since we had a spare,  Jim installed that one for her. He’s gotten pretty good at doing that after all the pumps he’s replaced in our rig. Amazingly, our latest pump has been working since November 24. Maybe we got lucky this time.

Tomorrow we’re off to Anza Borrego State Recreation Area, only about 45 miles from here. Will probably spend a couple days there and then go to Quartzsite for the big RV show, which actually starts tomorrow and runs for 10 days.

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