Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Sedona Hike

We went back to Sedona yesterday, south of town to the Village of Oak Creek. There is an outlet mall there and we wanted to look for a couple things. Unfortunately most of the shops have closed. Guess even Sedona has been hit by the recession, although it doesn’t look like it judging by the number of cars and people around town. There was a t-shirt outlet and we bought a couple of shirts. Coincidentally, the manager was from my home town of Erie, PA, so she gave me a 10% discount. She said there are a number of people in Sedona from Erie, but none of the names sounded familiar.
We had planned on hiking the Coffee Pot trail, but there was a big traffic jam going north so we stopped a few miles from the mall and found the Little Horse trail. Of course we had no map again, but there were lots of people and the trail was well worn. As always happens, there were many forks and we managed to take the wrong one. After 45 minutes we turned back, since we were only planning on a short, easy hike. This trail gave us good views of some famous Sedona rock formations.
This is Bell Rock. The lighting was not good but even as we saw it from the road it was a stretch to see a bell. To us it looked more like a melted Hershey’s Kiss. Or maybe we were just craving chocolate.
This is Courthouse Butte. Bad lighting again but it didn’t really remind us of a courthouse.
A few better photos of the beautiful red rocks.P1000270 P1000271 P1000272
Heading back down the trail we spotted this church in the side of the mountain. It is called the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and is quite an impressive looking structure.P1000273
Today is biking day instead of a hike. Need to make some different muscles sore!

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  1. This is SO funny. When we were in Sedona last week with friends, both girls swore we'd read that the cross in the mountain housed a hotel, they boys were saying how weird that was and that surely it was a church - oops, LOL, having read your post, guess we'll be eating humble pie! The others are back in the UK so I'll be emailing them later!
    Guess what, we're from PA as well, closer to Philly though.