Saturday, April 3, 2010

Boynton Canyon Trail, Sedona, AZ


Yesterday we went to Sedona for a hike on the Boynton Canyon trail. Having been here for a few days in October ‘06, we knew this was an area we wanted to spend more time in.  As it turned out, we had hiked part of this trail before, but didn’t get to the end because it got really cold in the canyon. Yesterday was a perfect day for a hike among the red rocks.

The first part of the trail passes by the Enchantment Resort. Besides the hotel and spa, they also have exclusive individually owned villas. We sort of liked this one but weren’t sure it would be big enough.


The trail then goes into the wooded canyon with red rock walls on both sides. The pictures really don’t do it justice.P1000191

The trail is a gradual climb until about the last quarter mile when it gets very steep and rocky. We made it to the end of the canyon and sat out on a lovely outcropping of rock. We were all holding our hiking poles to keep our butts from sliding down the rock.


About 20 feet in front of us was just a big drop off. Chuck the photographer wasn’t too concerned.


Boynton Canyon is one of the four vortex areas around Sedona and is really a beautiful place.


But by the end of our five mile round trip hike, I’m not sure anyone was feeling the positive energy.

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  1. Hey! That hike was 3.1 miles each way/6.2 round trip. Don't be gypping me out of a mile of effort! D.