Monday, April 26, 2010

Zion Biking and Hiking



The sun came back out and Chuck and Carla left on Saturday, on their way to Denver. They twisted our arms and made us go eat pizza at Zion Pizza and Noodle again Friday night, only 2 days after our first dinner there. It was their suggestion, so we guess they really liked it, too. We were joined by another Lazy Daze couple, Ron and Jan, who they met at Lee’s Ferry, and who are also from Iowa, not far from the town they live in. They have been full-timing for almost 5 years now, three of those years in a 26’ Lazy Daze. We enjoyed meeting them.

Zion is a great place to ride bikes, since only the shuttle buses and people staying at the lodge may drive the 6 mile canyon road. We’ve ridden it twice so far, and it is so enjoyable having the road practically to ourselves. On Saturday we stopped a lot for Jim to take pictures.

 P1000548 P1000549 P1000551 P1000552

Today we just enjoyed the ride and scenery. Unfortunately we couldn’t get all the way to the end of the canyon today because of a search and rescue mission along the road. We suspected it was a climber, as we saw quite a few of them the other day in the same location. But I just found an article on line that said a man’s body was found in the Virgin River this morning while they were conducting a search mission for two young men who were rafting down the Narrows and didn’t return when they said they would on Saturday. Don’t know if they found them or their bodies yet. I guess things like that happen frequently as the local SAR had a table set up at one of the trail heads to check people’s packs to be sure they were prepared for their hikes.

Yesterday we went through the tunnel to the east side of the park to hike Clear Creek Canyon. After a tricky climb down, we only got about a quarter of a mile before we came to some deep water and had to turn back. We did see some interesting rocks, though.

P1000556 P1000555

Since we were parked nearby, we decided to take the half mile Canyon Overlook trail. We had done it last year, and we knew the overlook would be a great spot to stop for lunch. You get a good view of the mountain that the tunnel is carved through, you can see a couple of the tunnel windows, and the switchback road going back into the park.

P1000562 P1000560 P1000558

And we named this Turtle Rock, which actually looked more like a turtle when we were standing in front of it. We are easily amused!


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