Friday, April 16, 2010

Lee’s Ferry Hike


Yesterday we hiked up the Spencer trail, supposedly a 2.2 mile climb to a plateau with great views. The views were stunning, but we never made it to the top due to chickening out as the trail got steeper and rockier after an hour an 15 minutes of climbing. It still looked like a long way to the top, we were getting tired, and we knew it was going to be tricky getting down some of the steep parts.  Jim went up a little farther than I did. You can barely see my hat in the foreground. We were really high up!


The climb was definitely worth the effort for the views of the Colorado and the colorful rocks.

P1000353 P1000356 P1000344

And we got to see our first Gila monster, and  a few other lizards.
P1000368 P1000348

After we got back, we watched the rafters go by in front of our site. We liked these with the umbrellas.P1000374


  1. The dateing pool is going down hill really fast ugh!! (Debbie's mom)

  2. Very cool area...dont blame you for not going further..its scary hiking on loose rock and sheer drops..