Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Dead Horse Ranch

We’ve had a couple windy, cool days so we just hung around the park and walked some of the lower trails. The longer we’ve been here the more we like it. Chuck and Carla left today so we moved into their site for better views and Debbie moved into our old site for the same reason. Here are some photos of different things we’ve seen in the park.
Another dead horse.
A cool vintage trailer.
That is the town of Jerome in the background.P1000182
An old flume on the nature trail.P1000226
Interesting eroded roots on this cottonwood tree.P1000227
Tuzigoot National Monument ruins. We haven’t gone there yet but you can sure see it from some of the trails at Dead Horse.
And an old car graveyard along a trail near the Verde River.P1000237
Jim got up close and personal to this one trying to figure out what kind of car it was. It is actually upside down and the front is lying a good ways from the rest of it. He still doesn’t know.

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