Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jerome, AZ and Easter pizza.


I was talking on the phone to my brother this morning and he said on their way to Easter brunch they passed a local  (Erie, PA) pizza place that was open. They wondered who would go out for pizza on Easter. I laughed and said that’s what we were doing for dinner! Luckily our friends were game to drive to Jerome for a name like Belgian Jennie’s Bordello and Pizzeria. It turned out to be good pizza but nothing memorable. We really enjoyed the Belgian beer, though.

Jerome is an old copper mining town built into the side of Cleopatra Hill. The mines closed in the 50’s and it is now a tourist town and artist community and home to lots of quirky shops, galleries, and restaurants. Our favorite shop was Nellie Bly Kaleidescopes.

I’m guessing this is an artist’s backyard.  Or someone who just can’t pass up a bargain.


There are lots of old buildings, some in better shape than others. Many buildings slid down the mountainside during blasting of the mines, and the town suffered several fires in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.


It was a fun place to wander around on Easter Sunday.

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