Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Lee’s Ferry

We took another great hike down the lower Cathedral Wash trail, which is actually in the Grand Canyon National Park.



It is a fairly gradual grade down the wash to the Colorado  River. Much of it was easy walking but there was quite a bit of rock scrambling. We nearly turned around when we came to at least a 20 foot drop, but we saw another couple coming back up the wash and watched how they climbed up to where we were. P1000388


We were able to get down without too much trouble and made it to the river. Jim lost a little skin on one knee but it was worth it.P1000392 P1000396 P1000398

Yesterday Jim and I rode our bikes to the Navajo Bridge over the Colorado. The old bridge is a pedestrian bridge, so you can walk out over the river.


Last year we saw several California condors there, but we only saw one this year, and we still haven’t seen one fly.P1000411

We did see a crowd of people at the far end of the bridge, and as we got closer realized they were bungee jumping. I’m sure it is quite a rush, but I could barely watch. Jim got some pretty good pictures of one of them.P1000418 P1000419 P1000420 P1000421



Today we left Lee’s Ferry for a beautiful drive to Zion National Park. We got a really early start for us (before 8), and the sun was shining just right on the Vermillion Cliffs along the way.


We forgot what a climb it was to Jacob’s Lake, at almost 8000 feet, where you intersect the road to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. And there was lots of snow at that elevation, so the road was still closed for the winter. May be another month or more before it is open.

Zion is every bit as beautiful as we remembered and we’re looking forward to spending the next two weeks here.P1000448

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  1. I brought the kids back into the Park this afternoon and was hoping to come and say Hello but there was no parking, so we had to park outside and walk in - no way I could then drive into the cg!
    We're driving to Bryce for the day tomorrow but may be back in on Wednesday (weather dependent) - are you staying at the main cg, beyond the Visitor Center parking lot?
    You can email me: if it's easier - would love to put a face to the blog! Ours is: